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All of these following pictures are ONLY ATV's

This is a pic of my friend pullin me on a sled. It was a lot of fun until we got caught.

This is a Kawasaki Prarie 650. My dream quad.

Back pic of my Prairie

Side pic of my Prairie 650 after my 1st big day of riding

This is a pic of me and my friend Hernando

This is me, i know i look goofey but i couldn't
bring my helmet 2 mexico.

Cool Pick of my new Kawasaki Prairie 650

Another pic of my new Kaw 650

This is my Old kawasaki bayou 220... i loved that thing 2 death

This is my new p650. the mud
on it makes it looks like rust...
kinda wierd mud.

If you have any questions, e-mail me @ aliswarr@aol.com